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Winning formula aims to help grain growers achieve higher returns

TWO innovative regional agricultural businesses have come up with a winning formula to help grain growers achieve higher returns.
Wheat Load Arbitrager and GrainXchange are now working together to help grain growers navigate the maze of when and what to sell to the market.
Developed by agricultural consultant Rod Grieve, the Wheat Load Arbitrager tells growers the best combination of loads to deliver against contracts (pools and cash) to maximise returns.
While agricultural brokering business Eyre Peninsula Integrated Commodities (EPIC), designed and owned by Chris and Tracey Lehmann, have created GrainXchange - a platform that introduces grain buyers to sellers.
According to Mr Grieve, the Wheat Load Arbitrager is a specialised computer program that identifies the highest prices for each load of wheat.
“The Wheat Load Arbitrager systematically calculates and identifies the most profitable combination of loads to deliver against your contracts and pool choices to maximise your total harvest income,” Mr Grieve said.
“The program can typically improve returns by $5-$8/t by finding the best loads to deliver against contracts.
“By teaming up with EPIC not only do growers get prices every day on which business decisions can be made but they can also benefit from getting their load allocations completed as well.”
The Wheat Load Arbitrager is now available through EPIC’s GrainXchange.
“Simply provide EPIC with your contract details and ezigrain reports to run through the program,” EPIC’s Tracey Lehmann said.
“You will then receive a report that tells you exactly which loads to transfer to each contract. If you have any uncommitted grain the program will also give the best options to maximise your returns.”
“This is a great opportunity to take control and beat the marketers at their own game,” Mr Grieve said.
To find out more see Arbitrager at the Eyre Peninsula Field Days in South Australia from August 7-9, 2012.
For more information about Arbitrager contact Rod Grieve on Phone: (08) 9842 1267, Mobile: 0428 421 267 or visit
For more information about EPIC contact Tracey Lehmann on Phone (08) 8627 2304 or visit

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